Indigenous entrepreneurship is on the rise in Canada. As a culture and people who have survived and grown through self reliance and independence, Indigenous peoples around the world possess inherent skills as entrepreneurs. A quote by a successful entrepreneur in Canada best describes the philosophy we adhere to at 2Phase3 in our business development within our Indigenous and diverse communities in Canada. 

Sean McCormick, is the founder and CEO of Manitobah Mukluks (HQ - Winnipeg), which was recently named Canada's fastest growing footwear company by Profit 500 magazine. His goal is to see “ a day when we’re not a business helping a community; but rather, a community helping ourselves…we will continue to build the dream of building a vibrant, global brand that Aboriginal people can feel proud of – and be part of.”

Our business development expertise is delivered through an all encompassing model of innovative training, and business development opportunities through proven start-up, marketing and technology concepts that envelope community groups and culture as a holistic economic and social development model