International Local Economic Development

Our team and entrepreneurship associates have a common belief that we strive to portray and deliver. That one method and avenue to helping build confident leaders of tomorrow in developing and emerging economies is through entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship and self-employment can deliver the individual leadership skills and confidence that is all too often lacking in many countries. While governments do work together to help build sustainable economic, social and cultural landscapes, the role that entrepreneurship can play if often overlooked.

2Phase has its core values in entrepreneurship development and in emerging and developing economies- we drive our passion and innovative models to our women and youth - the often dis-enfranchised sectors of society.

We bring over 20 years of international development expertise at the entrepreneurship as well as the educational levels - designing country and community specific training and models that have but one objective.

To deliver confidence that any one individual can make a difference - and entrepreneurship is one path that can achieve this goal.