Carole is a serial entrepreneur having launched 9 highly successful retail / food businesses and more recently a successful consulting firm 2Phase3 which specializes in retail business & marketing strategies. Airbrowz Mobile Technologies Inc. is an innovative smart city proximity-based digital platform and is Carole's latest business venture. Airbrowz delivers an intuitive platform in driving people back into bricks & mortar locations and to re-engage consumers with their communities.

As a entrepreneurship strategist, Carole shares her vast repertoire of business experience to start-ups and existing enterprises with passion, perseverance and dedication to achieve one overall goal - client success. Our 2Phase3 associates work alongside Carole in delivering a vast array of strategies and marketing models to new and existing businesses.

Fluent in French and English, Carole delivers her strong entrepreneurial skills with all 2Phase3 clients and manages our Francophone client base. With several years of dedication working with Indigenous and diverse communities in Canada, Carole brings a common sense delivery of high impact models of entrepreneurship to our community members.

She delivers a unique talent for quickly analyzing a business opportunity and drives her operational, and development expertise into business growth. Carole has a successful track record for increasing market share and profitability through targeted strategic planning and hands on management, with all her SME clients including start-ups. She is well positioned to offer successful strategies on designing and developing business growth to a vast range of clients and is passionate in helping the start-up business market. As a Business Strategist with an entrepreneurial passion Carole advises and delivers "survive and thrive" strategies for her clients.

Internationally, Carole has delivered workshops and training in entrepreneurship models in Vietnam, Ukraine, Egypt, Guyana and throughout the Caribbean. A passion of hers is to see success - in business and in the personal achievement and development of her clients.

2Phase3 is different. Our name is uncommon and so are our services and models for entrepreneurs.





Micheal brings over 25 years of extensive business experience as a past owner of three successful corporations within the field of Internet service, online education and corporate training. As a Business Strategist and Creative Marketing Consultant he is well positioned to offer his consulting and mentoring services to a broad range of businesses.

His latest venture Airbrowz Mobile Technologies Inc. delivers a high impact mobile smart city platform for communities in order to help them create citizen experiences and deliver digital efficiencies to municipalities as well as the local business marketplace.

Micheal has been a leader and director in several organizations throughout his career, the including the Director of the Entrepreneurship Centre at Invest Ottawa.

With family roots in the manufacturing industry dating back to 1947, he has surrounded himself with the nuances all too familiar within the operations and growth in this sector.

Along with his business partner, and as co-founder of 2Phase3 Business Performance Solutions a consultancy firm carving out a niche market in the retail, service and manufacturing sectors, Micheal continues to deliver his entrepreneurial expertise, flair, passion and business discipline to the  business community. His extensive network spans numerous Chambers of Commerce, BIAs and business associations.

Micheal has a degree in Economics from the University of Waterloo and certifications in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University and Small Business Management from Babson College, Massachusetts.

He is an internationally recognized expert in the development, management, operations and success of small business enterprises as well as an expert in international projects regarding strategic planning and development in Local Economic Development (LED).

Micheal has been invited to present at conferences as a keynote speaker and consultant in cities within Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the Caribbean.