At 2Phase3 we think differently about retail entrepreneurship

We are retail startegists, and designers, creating innovative solutions and strategies that foster excitement, inspiration and growth.

Business ideas are born and sketched on paper, a canvas, even cocktail napkins.

Allow us to be the artists and strategists to help bring your retail business to life.

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2Phase3 delivers innovative and creative retail solutions that stimulate the economic and social environment for communities.

We work with your team to plan out concepts and deliver high impact results.

We have successfully implemented retail programs, Centres of Excellence and social empowerment models in Aboriginal communities, and internationally in countries within Emerging Economies.




Our experience together with our passion for developing future entrepreneurs stems from these values:

  • Self-Employment

  • Economic Growth

  • Social Prosperity

  • Leadership





2Phase3 delivers successful and proven models of Business Centres of Excellence where value is delivered through:

  • Effective Advisory Services

  • Success breeds Success

  • Community Leadership

  • Volunteerism




As an avenue to business start-up and growth, 2Phase3 provides its expertise to achieve:

  • Entrepreneurial environments

  • Expanded- Global Markets

  • Mobile Marketing Technologies

  • Community-centric suppor




Innovative Training in retail Entrepreneurship

Training as a function is often overlooked or relegated to something a company or organization 'must do'. Often we find that in times of financial stress, training is an area that often sees a reduction in budget allocation or development.

Simply put - this is short sighted and wrong.

In our fast paced environment where changes occur on an hourly basis, individuals must be ready to react and adapt to any situation.

As trainers and facilitators in entrepreneurship this has never been more evident or crucial to the success and long term growth of a business. The mobile and digital technologies that drive our consumer centric economies require innovative training in business start-up development as well as to those businesses that exists -but require guidance as where to drive their business.

Competition is fierce- and quick to adapt. Our retail clients seek our services in order to not just stay ahead of the curve..


but to design & create it.

As an example some of the various training packages we have designed and delivered include:

  • Start - Up Phase (our Phase1), includes business elements to have individuals successfully launch their business concept. (includes creative marketing, web design, social media drivers)

  • Creative Phase (our Phase 2), includes working with existing businesses that require new avenues, creative outlets and working in the digital commerce world to bring fuel to grow the business. (includes mobile commerce, guerilla marketing techniques)

  • Growth Phase (our Phase 3), delivers leadership, growth strategies in driving a sustainable business model. Mobile technologies, B2C, B2B digital strategies form part of this Phase3 training.

International Local Economic Development

Our team and entrepreneurship associates have a common belief that we strive to portray and deliver. That one method and avenue to helping build confident leaders of tomorrow in developing and emerging economies is through entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship and self-employment can deliver the individual leadership skills and confidence that is all too often lacking in many countries. While governments do work together to help build sustainable economic, social and cultural landscapes, the role that entrepreneurship can play if often overlooked.

2Phase has its core values in entrepreneurship development and in emerging and developing economies- we drive our passion and innovative models to our women and youth - the often dis-enfranchised sectors of society.

We bring over 20 years of international development expertise at the entrepreneurship as well as the educational levels - designing country and community specific training and models that have but one objective.

To deliver confidence that any one individual can make a difference - and entrepreneurship is one path that can achieve this goal.


Indigenous entrepreneurship is on the rise in Canada. As a culture and people who have survived and grown through self reliance and independence, Indigenous peoples around the world possess inherent skills as entrepreneurs. A quote by a successful entrepreneur in Canada best describes the philosophy we adhere to at 2Phase3 in our business development within our Indigenous and diverse communities in Canada. 

Sean McCormick, is the founder and CEO of Manitobah Mukluks (HQ - Winnipeg), which was recently named Canada's fastest growing footwear company by Profit 500 magazine. His goal is to see “ a day when we’re not a business helping a community; but rather, a community helping ourselves…we will continue to build the dream of building a vibrant, global brand that Aboriginal people can feel proud of – and be part of.”

Our business development expertise is delivered through an all encompassing model of innovative training, and business development opportunities through proven start-up, marketing and technology concepts that envelope community groups and culture as a holistic economic and social development model